policy & compliance

When Auditors ask:

What rules and regulations guide your company’s operation/business and employees?

Your Organization should provide:

DOCUMENTED Policies that define your company’s standards, rules, and expectations. Policies apply to the company, but drive business, operations, culture, and staff, and ensure that all operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


When Auditors ask:

How do you communicate the overall business operations, systems, and staff roles and responsibilities?

Your Organization should provide:

DOCUMENTED Processes, which are a high-level overview of the operation(s), showing the progression of an operation from beginning to end. The process may include a flowchart that reflects your business operation graphically – or an outline that shows where the process begins (e.g., when a request is received), who receives it, and how it moves from request, to approval, through processing, to closeout.


When Auditors ask:

How do you train your employees to operate in compliance with your policies AND ensure they follow the process(es) consistently?

Your Organization should provide:

DOCUMENTED Procedures that include training presentations, guidelines, and step-by-step instructions for performing their duties. Procedures should detail “actions” – exact instructions on what to do, when to do it, who to pass it to, etc., and should support each of the activities described in the processes.


We understand the challenges you face

You have policies, repeatable processes, and procedures, but not all are written or many are outdated and no longer reflect your current organization!  And, your team is so busy getting the job done, there is no time to focus on writing or updating policies – or even checking to see what policies are missing!


Let TWCS provide the staff you need to meet your requirements! Technical Writers and Business Analysts can provide  full-time support (to keep your documentation current)  or temporary services – to review your current state, identify gaps, define a strategic plan of action to compliance – and collaborate with your team to bring it all together!

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