Technical Writer Consulting Services (TWCS) is a full-service contract, consulting, and staffing company that serves federal and local government agencies, private industries, and non-profit and charitable organizations. Our niche is Information Technology (IT) with a focus on technical writing, business analysis, and cybersecurity.



Our Mission is to establish the Foundation for Thriving Business by creating sound policies and processes, and building EXCEPTIONAL teams!


Our end goals are consistent and efficient business and systems operations through analysis, policy development, documented processes and procedures, and cybersecurity awareness and training.



Judith Ross, Founder and Principal, launched TWCS in 2008, with 20+ years of previous federal government contracting experience.  Since that time, the company has been providing services to federal agencies, as well as private companies, and International organizations across the Washington, DC metro area.


In 2015, after seven (7) years in business, TWCS began building partnerships with other extraordinary professionals and small businesses to bring a broader range of services to our clients.  Our collaboration enables us to bring senior level services, robust experience, and solid end-to-end project support.  A team of exceptional professionals with experience and vision understands what our clients need.  This gives us an advantage when choosing candidates and staff that are a phenomenal match for the job.


We are committed to understanding what spells “successful outcome” for you, so that we can work together to make that vision a reality in your organization!


TWCS’ Service Commitment:

  • Integrity in our conduct and commitment to meeting our clients’ needs.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders to ensure favorable outcomes.
  • Diligent application of the highest standards, resulting in quality deliverables that exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Protecting our clients’ interests and safeguarding the clients’ data and other information.
  • Delivering professional, quality products, on schedule, every time!


Technical Writer Consulting Services has provided contract support to government, private, and International organizations including the Department of Energy, Library of Congress, CHF International, Pan American Health Organization, and The World Bank Group.

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Establishing the Foundation for Thriving Businesses Worldwide


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